SAKATA's sensors detect changes in the ground such as earth pressure, water pressure, load, inclination, temperature, settlement, horizontal drift, strain and displacement. Sensors developed with advanced technology and long experience provide accurate data.
  Data Logger    
    SAKATA's Data Loggers can be connected to a variety of sensors and acquire data with high precision and long term stability. Also they can be used under harsh condition. We can supply remote control type, DC type, etc.
Wireless Sensor (Underground Wireless Communication System)    
  This system transmit measured data in cable-less and can be used effectively in underground, undersea and air, such as landfill, tunnel and dam. Many of patents are obtained in Japan and in the other 8 countries.   About Wireless Sensor
Wireless Sensor
  Optical Fiber Sensor

- FBG and Sensors using FBG
- Raman scattering

SOFO System
Fiber Optic Monitoring System with High Accuracy and Stability
  SOFO System
- Structural Health Monitoring system
- Hifg Accuracy and Stability Deformation Sensor
- Pore Water Pressure Cell using Sofo
- Rock Creep Meter using Sofo
  Geomembrane sounding system
    At several sites including waste deposit sites, there are specific sheets laid out for leakage interception of polluted water. In the case of sheet breakage, this system can detect the breakage electrically and pinpoint the leakage point. This is the first electrical system developed in Japan.
Monitoring System        
  Earth Retaining
Management System
  Dams Monitoring System
  Deformed Structure Measuring System   2D Displacement meter for Deformed Tunnel and Railroad
  Convergence Measure
(Link Sensor)
  Earth-flow Disaster Monitoring System
  Landslide Monitoring System   Volcano Monitoring System
  Detecting System for Rock Fall and Debris Flow        



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